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Diseases and injuries

Diseases and injuries

Which kinds of injuries/diseases are preferably treated in the Center for Spinal Surgery and Neurotraumatology in the BG-Trauma Hospital Frankfurt?

Our Center treats all kinds of brain, spine and spinal cord injuries/diseases, as for example:

  • any kind of spinal injuries
  • any kind of degenerative disc disease incl. herniated disks and stenosis of the spinal canal
  • any kind of spinal deformities (kyphosis and scoliosis)
  • any kind of spinal tumors and metastases
  • any kind of spinal infection
  • chronic pain (due to tumors for example) or muscle spasticity (e.g. after severe brain injury or pain which cannot be treated adequately by pharmaceuticals)
  • severe concussions, cerebral injuries and bleeding
  • peripheral nerve compression syndromes and brachial plexus injuries

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